you don't have to live with pain!


Workplace flexibility may just be the answer for happier employees and a more productive work environment.

Take a Stretch Break to Maintain Your Workplace Flexibility.

Stretch M.D. for business brings the Fascial Stretch Therapy technique to your office. Our Stretch to Win certified trainer works through your Fascial - nervous system to achieve instant pain relief and lasting flexibility gains. With this science based technique he/she systematically positions, stabilizes, and carefully assists each rhythmical stretch. Conference rooms, usually used for crucial board meetings or pain-staking decision making, can be converted into a center for wellness, recovery and improved productivity for the entire team.

Executive Stretch Cells are 12-15 minute (anti-desk chair) stretch protocols that address the most common areas affected from typical poor office posture. Taking the time for short executive stretch breaks can also lead to increased mental energy and focus, and a reduction in negative feelings like excitability, anxiety, aggressiveness, and of course sleepiness. All of these positive effects can promote a more productive workday, even though we’re taking a few moments away from our daily tasks.

So what exactly happens to our bodies after just a few months of sitting without stretching?


  • The muscles in the chest and at the front of the shoulders become tight and the muscles in the upper back become permanently stretched and weak, resulting in a hunched, forward shoulder posture.
  • Forward head positioning puts strain on the muscles in the upper back and neck, imposing stress on the cervical spine. This often leads to excruciating back pain and headaches.
  • Hip flexors shorten and become tight and the glutes become weak, putting more load on the hamstrings, which then become quite tight as well. Contracted and tight hip flexors pull the lower back and pelvis forward, a common cause of lower back pain.

Workplace flexibility has proven to be beneficial to an employee’s health and office morale, not to mention profitable for the company itself with more productive employees. The hustle and bustle of a 9-to-5 work week takes a toll on any employee no matter what level their position.

The office environment consists of sitting in a chair for extended periods of time, and performing repetitive movements. Most of us spend over half our waking life sitting – behind desks at workplace, commuting to and from work, or sitting in front of TVs and computer screens at home.